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The hotel restaurant Jardin was built under the old name "Militärgarten" (military garden) after the turn of the century. As far back as the 19th century (1890), there was a restaurant called "Militärgarten" exactly where the hotel restaurant Jardin stands today. The military barracks of Bern, and thus a large and effective armoury was in control of this area.


The "Militärgarten" (military garden), as the name clearly denotes, was a result of it. For a long time, most of its clientele were military personnel, employees at the barracks, and staff at the armoury. The former building, initially surrounded by a large garden, was one of the first buildings on the Beundenfeld apart from a handful of farms.


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Andreas Balz and Daniel Balz, your hosts.



On this side of the Aare, a residential area gradually developed, mainly after the construction of the Kornhaus bridge and the Lorraine bridge. Around 1928, today's building was built, which is now part of an annexed row of houses. An important part was the large hall, which is still in use today.



Under the name "Gesellschaftshaus Militärgarten", business was opened and taken over by Ernst and Flora Balz-Kindler; there was nowhere near a hotel business at that time. Turbulent years, war and years of crisis followed as well. A lively guest house went through ups and downs.



In the years 1953/54, Fritz and Margrit Balz-Beetschen took over the business. Evening dancing in the large hall was changed into a disco, probably one of the first discos in the country under the name Discorama Jardin. The disco has been maintained for decades as Disco-Dance Jardin with great success to this day.



Around 1970, Fritz Balz was able to purchase the property from the Cardinal brewery. After the death of Fritz Balz in 1985, his twin sons Daniel Balz and Andreas Balz took over management of the company in the third generation.



The house was expanded to a hotel business and was given the new name Hotel Restaurant Jardin. That was based on the already existing word Jardin. Since then, numerous reconstructions and renovations have been carried out, so that today, a charming and, in spite of its age, modern and energetic culinary establishment stands exactly where the military garden stood in 1880.



The "Jardin" is moving into the new millennium without any trouble. The surrounding area is changing very quickly; the whole Wankdorf district is being rebuilt. The new "Stade de Suisse Wankdorf", the new exhibition halls and the ice hockey arena, offer great opportunities for the Jardin as well. On the other hand, the city's transport regimen, which wants to protect the neighbourhood from increasing traffic and noise, is increasingly excluding the Hotel-Restaurant Jardin from events.



The financial and economic crisis. The Hotel Restaurant Jardin defied these times as well. Hotel chains and thus standardised hotels and restaurants without local roots are discovering Bern. As one of the very few catering companies in the city of Bern, the Jardin is still under family property and is also run by the owners, which is very rare.

The twin brothers Andreas & Daniel Balz have been running the company for 25 years now - and have nowhere near lost fun and pleasure in doing it.

The future has already become the present, and the Balz family have brought their Jardin into the next millennium with the same blood, sweat and tears as for the past 80 years.

It should stay like this in the future so that the guests at the Jardin feel at home, when they are not at home!



From 2017 onwards, a new era began at the Jardin. In spring, all hotel rooms were completely renovated and equipped with the latest technology. Special attention was paid to sound insulation; so that the quiet location matches the quiet rooms within the house. In autumn, the hotel was newly organized, made fit for the future. The restaurant was definitely closed to make room for additional new hotel rooms. The construction was finished in the end of 2017 and a newly orientated hotel Jardin was able to launch successfully into 2018.