Sports and fitness

Fitness center and wellness in the surrounding area

We do not have a fitness center or wellness center ourselves. There are four Update Fitness fitness centers in the vicinity. You can reach them in a short time with the public transport. The UNIK Training offers hot yoga and boxing. CrossFit is available at CrossFit Bern. One of the popular Mrs. Sporty women's fitness clubs is very close by. Monthly subscription or a free trial training are available. In the Marzili district there is an innovative free outdoor fitness facility coupled with a swimming pool and beach volleyball courts. On the other side of the city, easily accessible with our free Bern Ticket is the Westside Shopping Center with the Bernaqua adventure bath, fitness and wellness.



Swimming is possible in Bern in conventional swimming pools and in the Aare - the famous river through our city. The nearest swimming pool is the indoor and outdoor pool Wyler.
A detour to the Marzili is worthwhile to experience the open-air pool with Aare connection. For swimming in the Aare, we will gladly lend you an Aare-Bag to keep your clothes dry.


Directly in front of the house on the grounds of the barracks there is a small training track (Finnenbahn). For a medium run, we recommend a detour along the Aare. For joggers, the beautiful Bremgarten forest is also ideal. Or simply get inspiration from other runners. Every year, the Grand Prix of Bern takes place directly through the old town.


The city of Bern is known for its bicycle-friendliness. You will receive a bicycle from us for exploring Bern or for the way to your next business appointment (while stocks last). If you want to get around a bit faster with an electronic motor, Bern offers the PubliBike throughout the city. The next station is 50 m / 164 ft away from the Hotel Jardin Bern.

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